Homestar Windows by Home Guard
Windows Designed for Performance

HomeStar blends quality, efficiency & style with economy for a perfect window combination. Available in four color combinations and will all available glass options, HomeStar windows offer an excellent value.

It provides standard features like block and tackle balances and flush mounted locks and keepers. All HomeStar low-e glass packs qualify this window for energy tax programs.
Window Features
Window Styles
Internal Blinds
Energy Efficiency
Homestar Winows
Double Hung Windows
The HOME GUARD HomeStar double hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning, but wont drop out of the frame like other units due to a unique, patented tilt lock safety system.

These windows can be connected to each other to create dramatic window scape views - your only limit is your imagination.

These windows offer a full array of Conservision and EnergyGuard glass options, a myriad of decorative glass designs and premium features only found in high end windows.
Slider Windows
The HomeStar Horizontal Slider Window offers stylish comfort as well as easy gliding and energy saving HOMEGUARD craftsman-ship.

Beveled exterior lines, trouble-free brass rollers and lift-out, easy clean sashes provide a bright, modern upgrade to any home.

Two or three panel styles are available to produce the panoramic view of a picture window with the functionality of a ventilating window.
Picture, Casement & Awning Windows
These styles are a perfect addition to both traditional and contemporary homes.

Combinations of windows offer unlimited design versatility allowing you to fill your rooms with light and let the beautiful views in.

A triple seal design and single handle, multi-point operator makes these casements energy efficient and easy to close.

Bay & Bow Windows
The HOMEGUARD Bay and Bow styles provide the ultimate window into your environment while maintaining security and energy efficiency which has become the HOMEGUARD trademark.

A stunning variety of styles and combinations will add beauty and lasting value to your home.

Consider upgrading your current window openings with a bay or bow to add a dramatic dimension to any room.

Internal Blinds Look Amazing!
Internal blinds add style to your window while providing the opportunity to control lighting and privacy.

So easy to use, yet completely maintenance free & you will never clean or dust your blinds again.

Each blind is sealed between two panes of glass making this the perfect choice for homes with children or pets.

Other color options available.

Can be ordered with Casement and awning windows.
Homestar Options

What Is Low-E Glass?
Why does it put money in your pocket?

All HomeStar windows are available with the Low-E (or Low Emissivity) glass option.

Low-E has an invisible, metallic coating that admits the full spectrum of sunlight but blocks radiant heat from escaping.

In the winter 70-75% of heat normally escaping is reflected back into the home for energy savings. Low-E also increases the window's inside surface temperature, making the area near the window more comfortable.

In the summer 25% of unwanted heat is reflected back to the outside, helping to block ultraviolet light which would normally fade fabrics, carpet and furniture.
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